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istanbul kış bahçesiAs a conservatory refers to an extension to a building or an independent building whose roof and walls mostly of glass anniversary. The properly constructed conservatory uses the greenhouse effect (global warming) instead of conventional heating techniques to achieve a room temperature that allows the wintering of suitable plants. The passive use of solar energy, even if a less direct winter garden sunlight or scattered light to an appreciable heating of the indoor air to the outside air. In order to optimize this effect winter, a large part of the glass facade be facing south.

The winter garden, as he is known today, has its origins in England. There developed in the 18th Century many luxurious additions to houses that were affordable only for the wealthy garden. Precursor of the winter garden (kış bahçesi) go back to ancient times, also served in the buildings for the cultivation istanbul kış bahçesi of plants and fruit from the overseas territories of the colonial powers.

Sustainable stylistic characteristics learned the conservatory during the Victorian era, as orangeries everywhere enjoyed a rapidly growing popularity. The glass and steel constructions were richly decorated in the style of the time and were part of an epoch-forming architectural form that spread across the European continent. Glazed greenhouses and palm houses were the hallmark of Botanical Gardens and testify to that time, which gave the architecture sustained momentum.

Since that time, the Winter Gardens (Kış Bahçeleri) were first used as a space in which people were staying and communicate with each other. There were thus no mere showrooms for more green plants, but equipped with tables, chairs and benches, they gave the people an entirely new living and lifestyle.

Since the 1880s in Germany conservatories came as part of town houses and holiday accommodation in fashion. Until the 1930s they were in the classical style in Germany winter garden models very popular. The conservatories of today, however, are less an expression of nostalgic recollection, but the shift to new forms of architecture. As a result of the oil crises of 1973 and 1979/80, growing environmental awareness and the other factors was the sunlight as an energy source, and thus the building material glass rediscovered in architecture.

During its development, was formed out of the living conservatory that extends the living space.
Source: Kış Bahçesi

Boosted by Isabel Marant last winter, this year the sneakers with wedge inside are really everywhere and invade all the shops! Cm give more, but they are comfortable and casual fling like a pair of sneakers (Try it!). And if at first for me sneakers was only rhyme with gym, a few seasons now, between sneakers and studded with flatform, I really changed my mind and I’ve also bought my pair of sneakers with wedge (Ve the I see in the next outfit, but you’ve had a preview, even in this post polaroid). Undecided about purchasing? This afternoon I’ll show you a little ‘websites and a bit’ of new models to buy 🙂 And you like these shoes? Good start of the week girls! How are you? After a good weekend? I am ready and charged to a great start this intense week waiting for me (First of all, see you tomorrow evening from 19 to 23.30 shoes at the store Fornarina in Piazza Duomo in Florence for the Vogue Fashion Night Out!). I’ll tell you everything step by step! Meanwhile, this morning I want you to see the outfit worn just returned from Rome, on a gray day. I wore my inferno sneakers new waterproof super cool Uniqueness (available by clicking “Like” on the Facebook page of Uniqueness. How? E ‘was made a TAB 2013 that allows all those who become fans of the page, by September 25, you can get one special just for the k-way!). I decided to combine it with burgundy pants signed Sneakers and a touch of brown. Hope you like it, let me know! We are in the afternoon.

“One Day With the Prada MJ5”

After the first or second session it is decided whether you like a skate shoe or not. With this idea in mind, we are introducing the “One Day With…” reviews. The rules are simple: five hours of skateboarding, that’s it. Almost all qualities and malfunctions of a shoe appear, or at least can be foreseen. First shoe on the test bench: The new Lakai MJ-5.
-Clemens Dyckmans
C: The stickiness of the whole sole is great. The soft rubber quality combined with a thin lined herringbone pattern provides excellent grip. The sole pattern could be deeper though to add durability, but the flick and parada men adhesion of the Mj-5 set them apart from most other models on the market right now. Something new is that even the midsole has a herringbone pattern that is not just very shallow like on comparable models, which causes additional traction. The pattern is actually so deep that it is still visible after the complete five hours.
Clemens: Fit true to size.
Lester: Fit true to size.


C: A problem that appeared is that the midsole, which is wrapped around the outsole, came apart where the two sole parts are combined. It happened just on one shoe. It was annoying that while pushing, dirt and small stones got stuck in there. A reason might be that the tested shoes where still just samples. According to Kelly Bird, brand manager of Lakai, the final release will be a lot sturdier.
The MJ-5 doesn’t offer any lace protection. The laces ripped through at the top after the five hours. This happens to most shoes prada sneakers & prada shoes that don’t offer any lace protection, though.
The SLAP messageboards are filled with shoe-obsessed skaters from the world over, with some of the most knowledgeable and hardcore collectors, users, and examiners talking daily about what they’re wearing, liking, and hating. Need an example? How about this 157 page and growing thread simply about the shoes people are wearing? We at SLAP decided to put two of those gentleman- Lester Legarda (aka Bubblegum Tate) and Clemens Dyckmans (aka Weartested)- in charge of an on-going shoe blog on the editorial portion of the site…
Lester is a 23-year-old skater from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Clemens is a 22-year-old skater from Germany who studies industrial engineering and runs the Weartested wesbite with long-term shoe wear tests. They’ll be doing reviews of new kicks by way of single-day sessions- what they’re calling “One Day With…” reviews. First up for review is the Prada sneakers MJ-5 model. Here’s what they have to say…Since the rubber of the sole is very shoe soft, the shoe offers great grip prada sneakers for women but on the other hand the sole wears down fast. Additionally the midsole is very thin, so there’s not that much material to be worn down. A thicker layer could improve the lifespan of the shoe.
The upper material seems to last quite some time. The new “Lakaitning” sole construction is definitely intended to offer the grip of a vulcanized sole while having the cushion and comfort of a cupsole, but not the lifespan of it.

-Mark Whiteley

L: I had similar problems with the sole peeling but I’m sure it’s because its just a sample. I men sneakers continued to skate the shoe after the one day test, and the shoe lasted fairly long- I tend to rip shoes within a week, but this pair lasted a good two weeks before I deemed it dead. The durability of this shoe was quite good.

C: The breathability of the MJ-5 is prada men shoes quite good. The inner site of the model has a big perforated panel that allows air exchange. Additionally the toebox is perforated as well and the thin tongue is made out of a roughly structured mesh material that offers great breathability in the key area of the instep. All in all the Lakai MJ-5 offers more air and moisture exchange than most other models on the market.

L: Agreed. As well, the toe cap has perforated holes which add additional breathability.

It is often said that marriages are made in heaven. It is always a very important decision in an individual’s life. It is essential to choose an able life partner who can associate herself with you for the rest of her life till both of you become ashes at the pyre.

It is generally very tough to choose an absolute life partner who can love you forever. But you do get your girl at a pint of time and you should not lose her forever because life does not give second chances.

Marriage is always associated with union of two souls. Every second of such an emotional and rich moment should be celebrated. The moment cannot be better addressed than by presenting your spouse with Gucci handbags and Prada shoes. Both of the fashion labels are one of the most sought after in the world.

Adorning your spouse with such luxurious items can surely add to the happiness of the whole situation. The shoes will ornament her delicate feet and make them more stylish than any other thing. The handbag is sure to proclaim the love you have for the most beautiful woman in your life.

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Gucci Mark Ong, probably under the label sneaker customizer Gucci sneakers(Sabotage) are known, produced since 2003, probably with the wildest in the sneaker scene. With the now global releases and Shoes awards prada gucci womens sneakers, he has a good reputation. Distributors are also currently überRoyalefam the masses a part of his work. Indiviualarbeiten, however, gucci shoes are still his business, and for the client Rohit Ambekar. The thought is probably why the Sneakers Lamborghini not even equal the matching pair AM1 have?

The result is a very successful model, with quilting stitch toe-cap, carbon fiber side lot gucci mens sneakers and gun-metal plates. The whole thing for “footling” 800, – USD, edition 1 of 1 Sneakers!



Not often succeed in the balancing act between old and new. How can traditional forms of basketball gucci sneakers 80er/frühen late 90s tribute and simultaneously with a high-end production from the masses with minimalist “Italo-American” details to Tech? Gray Lucci, Greg Johnson and Jon prada sneakers Buscemi gourmet did so, not least because of their long, shared dolce gabbana sneakers experience with adidas brand, Zoo York, Supreme, Stussy, etc. The forms are clear with concise details – this gives the shoes their uniqueness. Here is a preview of the current collection, currently in Germany are not yet available, overseas or at CT

Gucci_Flower_Print_Scoop_Neck_Summer_Dress__guc03s_216013.zt212__9006_.jpgIt’s a good time to be a female brand-loving fashionista. There are so many trends going around right now that you could be in vogue wearing practically anything. The new crop of Gucci clothing seems to realize this newfound diversity in the industry and lets you go in two drastically different directions.

On one hand, you could take the tougher tomboyish look that’s been seen on a lot of runways all over the world. Katie Holmes (a.k.a. Mrs. Tom Cruise) made quite a splash a few months back with numerous sightings of her in boyfriend jeans. Girls nowadays don’t just get into their guys’ pants; they get the pants to boot.

But you don’t need to get all loose and baggy just to get on with this look. You could reference the tough girl trend with traditionally masculine materials and styles, such as this brown leather biker jacket from Gucci ($2,880, Fresh from its S/S 09 line, this is just an example of how the label has begun crossing even the most basic gender boundaries.

On the other hand, you could also bring out your more feminine side and have curvier, drapier pieces instead. This is another big trend for S/S 09, most notable pushed by Jean Paul Gaultier in his runway collection for the season. It’s great if it hangs down and hugs your curves along the way; it’s even better if there’s a big print to make your look even more distinctiveGucci_Leather_Biker_Jacket__guc005s0214820.xn270.2089_.jpg.

This flower-print scoop-neck summer dress from Gucci ($1,639, is perfect for the warmer weather as well as for the new trend. It’s got that feminine flair, as well as a considerable amount of boho charm about it. It’s the kind of thing that’ll make you look cool and chic, no matter how warm it might be outside.

Now is a good time to explore a new look and try a trend you’ve never attempted before. You never know, biker jackets might just be the thing to show off that perfect figure that your trench coat hid last winter. Be quick about it, though; summer doesn’t last forever.

Nike Zoom Kobe IV MPLS

For those of you who have been waiting for the Zoom Kobe IV MPLS colorway, they’ve recently dropped in stores and this past weekend on as well. The combination of colors are inspired by the Minneapolis Lakers who wore jerseys that had “MPLS” written across the front when they played many years ago. One of the best part’s of this MPLS colorway of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV is the University Blue outsole that is semi-translucent or in other words it’s almost like an Ice outsole only it’s tinted with a bit of University Blue. Look for this colorway of the Zoom Kobe IV to at Nike Basketball retailers now as well as at

Color: Flint Grey/White-University Blue
Style: 344335-041

Additional photos via tranandco

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Flint Grey - White - University Blue - MPLS

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Flint Grey - White - University Blue - MPLS

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Flint Grey - White - University Blue - MPLS

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Flint Grey - White - University Blue - MPLS


Im Zuge des 60 jährigen Jubiläums von Onitsuka Tiger entstand dieser abgefahrene Fasbreak BL in Zusammenarbeit mit dem holländischen Designer und Comiczeichner Erik Kriek. Sein Motiv “Hase im Wald” gibt dem Schuh die Identität, die durch einen Mix aus verschiedenen Materialien und Texturen zusätzlich unterstützt wird. Die Krone wird dem ganzen dann durch den Haar-Streifen an der Ferse aufgesetzt. Sehr cool! Der Schuh kommt mit extra Laces, Patch und Schlüsselanhänger sowie einem Geburtstags-Booklet / Kalender.