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Vor ein paar Monaten wir sehenswerte die abgeschrägte Blisterpackung durch den Namen des DC Sector 7 und jetzt können wir zeigen Ihnen, größer und schlanker seine Schwester, der Admiral, als Teil des DC’s Life Collection. Geben uns eine unheimlich Dosis von Schwindel, der Admiral thront über der Packung wie ein Wolkenkratzer, sondern erweicht der Schlag mit einem Pulver Blauzungenkrankheit und Satin Zunge Tag. Hand in Hand, dieses grandiose zweit finden Sie auf allen DC gute Geschäfte.




Offering yet another Holiday surprise, Nike Sportswear has launched a new set of Lunar Racers available exclusively today at 21 Mercer. The Lunar Racers set receive an all-black makeover with color accenting adding both energy and interest. Five different colors for the five styles of Lunar Racers were chosen, including: purple, blue, green, and red with the yellow colorway set to drop in May 2009.

Lacoste has tag-teamed with Japanese retailer Mita to launch the M85-mid, a version of the Missouri 85 cross trainer. Rather than just whacking another level on top, the design team dosed the mid-cut with some dandy details that create a thoroughly new entity. This thing looks good! The hexagonal rubber mesh in the ankle is taken from Lacoste’s performance tennis range and works nicely with the forefoot strap. Colour is kept under control with the pop supplied by the croc-emboss and speckled midsole. 150 pairs will be sold through Mita and other top level Lacoste stores in January.


Because I view this storage FW08 Chanel on the runway, I know that I want.

They are refreshing, fun and elegant. I especially like the black lines on the back is super-thin!
Fortunately for me, this trend has finally made the road. Urban change the fate of nations has almost the same color contrast (left and that is not true what they say on the online site only. I store mine today!). They were just simple enough that you can wear with almost everything.

Urban change the destiny of the nation also offers a few variations with thick, black / gray line (right), which is still fresh and slimming.

But because this is even more striking than others, I’ll be more careful because this correspondence is the explanation. If you want something sweet, I go with these low with a seam in the back. It is almost down as usual, but with the interesting twist in the tail boom and the Slimming (a feature that is very important), what more?
I still believe that the rope was bitch, but HG revolved around me and now I am May (or May, I just want to be confused with Fishnets?). He adds the right touch of girliness fine for a unit (and very popular among the models this season).

This diamond mini-print tights (right) shows the same effects in less ceneng way. Remember not to use or print a densely populated area of (like diamonds or safety of the publisher), because they do not want to see uneccesarily feet wide.

And also, do not squat or red low as Print (above), please. They simply inept bumbling bumbling. But otherwise, a lot of fun with this trend. I know I will:)

This is a stressful week for the U.S. auto manufacturers. Last week, they handed in their proposals for a review by the Congress. I’m not sure about details, but it is better to cut-backs, Ford and CEO vowing to work for $ 1 per year if Ford had to collect money from the public (they are only asking for a loan for emergencies) goes. At the beginning of the week, the Senate a rescue operation. On Thursday, it was blocked by Republican opponents who believe that it would be better for large 3, a bankruptcy in advance, and also because the unions are not of a pay-cut (not really beggars choose. .. ). Proponents argue that not want to buy a car from a bankrupt car company, which is a very valid point (think warranty / repair problems!). On Friday, Bush was forced to step in vowing to car manufacturers from building, the tarp money (as they did not originally want to do). Much is the game. The car manufacturers say that 1 in 10 jobs in the United States are involved in the automotive industry. This will devastate the economy badly.

A magnificent example of this trick grinding effects will GMAC auto financier, who has just received approval to a bank-holding company for the past week. Unfortunately, a bank holding company is not as easy as GS and MS is doing, that this is, and they will fight to the capital required to him. They try, with new debt-holders to swap debt for a smaller amount of debt, cash and preferred stock. If it does not work, they are likely to bankruptcy.

The other big news this week is Bernie Madoff stratagem 50 billion U.S. dollars. The former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market and Wall Street legend, is allegedly the leader of a 50 billion U.S. dollars giant Ponzi scheme. According to Wiki, a Ponzi scheme is an investment holding fraudalent pay that unusually high returns for investors, the money from the investor. Apparently many super-rich are deceived by this scheme. It is amazing how much you can, with a good reputation and a friendly features!

It seems, however, that market is immune to scandals, because the market ended (with a little bit) until this week!

The list of participants is co Lang – this is probably the fact that the premium its Paris store Colette Internetzögling WeSoldOut under his own agency Irin LaMJC a sneaker! However, the nameless legal effort was worth it, because come out is a Holistic sneakers in the color of fun – especially Speaker peace related accessories like sports bag die! Is the 13th Release December. Available in stores Colette (Paris), then later PATTA (Amsterdam) and Solebox (Berlin).

Alife x Reebok Classic CL Lux Black

AL will return to the Reebok, elegant rotating on the classic model. I LUX CL sports from the top of the skin from the “AL” logo, and also including cursive “AL” logo on the heel and midsole stripe. Cooperation includes the three colors of black, white and gray. Each model is equipped with two sets of wires that have a design in conjunction with the mottled midsole. Release date and price, still unannounced, so stay publishing further information. Through Hanon.

Alife x Reebok Classic CL Lux Grey

Alife x Reebok Classic CL Lux White