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Gucci_Flower_Print_Scoop_Neck_Summer_Dress__guc03s_216013.zt212__9006_.jpgIt’s a good time to be a female brand-loving fashionista. There are so many trends going around right now that you could be in vogue wearing practically anything. The new crop of Gucci clothing seems to realize this newfound diversity in the industry and lets you go in two drastically different directions.

On one hand, you could take the tougher tomboyish look that’s been seen on a lot of runways all over the world. Katie Holmes (a.k.a. Mrs. Tom Cruise) made quite a splash a few months back with numerous sightings of her in boyfriend jeans. Girls nowadays don’t just get into their guys’ pants; they get the pants to boot.

But you don’t need to get all loose and baggy just to get on with this look. You could reference the tough girl trend with traditionally masculine materials and styles, such as this brown leather biker jacket from Gucci ($2,880, Fresh from its S/S 09 line, this is just an example of how the label has begun crossing even the most basic gender boundaries.

On the other hand, you could also bring out your more feminine side and have curvier, drapier pieces instead. This is another big trend for S/S 09, most notable pushed by Jean Paul Gaultier in his runway collection for the season. It’s great if it hangs down and hugs your curves along the way; it’s even better if there’s a big print to make your look even more distinctiveGucci_Leather_Biker_Jacket__guc005s0214820.xn270.2089_.jpg.

This flower-print scoop-neck summer dress from Gucci ($1,639, is perfect for the warmer weather as well as for the new trend. It’s got that feminine flair, as well as a considerable amount of boho charm about it. It’s the kind of thing that’ll make you look cool and chic, no matter how warm it might be outside.

Now is a good time to explore a new look and try a trend you’ve never attempted before. You never know, biker jackets might just be the thing to show off that perfect figure that your trench coat hid last winter. Be quick about it, though; summer doesn’t last forever.

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