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Winter Garden De mode adnano. (Kış Bahçesi)

Posted on: October 27, 2012

istanbul kış bahçesiAs a conservatory refers to an extension to a building or an independent building whose roof and walls mostly of glass anniversary. The properly constructed conservatory uses the greenhouse effect (global warming) instead of conventional heating techniques to achieve a room temperature that allows the wintering of suitable plants. The passive use of solar energy, even if a less direct winter garden sunlight or scattered light to an appreciable heating of the indoor air to the outside air. In order to optimize this effect winter, a large part of the glass facade be facing south.

The winter garden, as he is known today, has its origins in England. There developed in the 18th Century many luxurious additions to houses that were affordable only for the wealthy garden. Precursor of the winter garden (kış bahçesi) go back to ancient times, also served in the buildings for the cultivation istanbul kış bahçesi of plants and fruit from the overseas territories of the colonial powers.

Sustainable stylistic characteristics learned the conservatory during the Victorian era, as orangeries everywhere enjoyed a rapidly growing popularity. The glass and steel constructions were richly decorated in the style of the time and were part of an epoch-forming architectural form that spread across the European continent. Glazed greenhouses and palm houses were the hallmark of Botanical Gardens and testify to that time, which gave the architecture sustained momentum.

Since that time, the Winter Gardens (Kış Bahçeleri) were first used as a space in which people were staying and communicate with each other. There were thus no mere showrooms for more green plants, but equipped with tables, chairs and benches, they gave the people an entirely new living and lifestyle.

Since the 1880s in Germany conservatories came as part of town houses and holiday accommodation in fashion. Until the 1930s they were in the classical style in Germany winter garden models very popular. The conservatories of today, however, are less an expression of nostalgic recollection, but the shift to new forms of architecture. As a result of the oil crises of 1973 and 1979/80, growing environmental awareness and the other factors was the sunlight as an energy source, and thus the building material glass rediscovered in architecture.

During its development, was formed out of the living conservatory that extends the living space.
Source: Kış Bahçesi

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