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It is often said that marriages are made in heaven. It is always a very important decision in an individual’s life. It is essential to choose an able life partner who can associate herself with you for the rest of her life till both of you become ashes at the pyre.

It is generally very tough to choose an absolute life partner who can love you forever. But you do get your girl at a pint of time and you should not lose her forever because life does not give second chances.

Marriage is always associated with union of two souls. Every second of such an emotional and rich moment should be celebrated. The moment cannot be better addressed than by presenting your spouse with Gucci handbags and Prada shoes. Both of the fashion labels are one of the most sought after in the world.

Adorning your spouse with such luxurious items can surely add to the happiness of the whole situation. The shoes will ornament her delicate feet and make them more stylish than any other thing. The handbag is sure to proclaim the love you have for the most beautiful woman in your life.

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Well, I’ll be damn. Look at these uber-cute Gucci Baby Sneakers. Very very stylish. And very very expensive…LOL. Prices range from $185 to $235. WOWZA! The kind of designer shoes that celebrity babies wear. Or mucho rich families where paying for $235 pair of baby sneakers won’t affect their bills next month..hehe.