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“One Day With the Prada MJ5”

After the first or second session it is decided whether you like a skate shoe or not. With this idea in mind, we are introducing the “One Day With…” reviews. The rules are simple: five hours of skateboarding, that’s it. Almost all qualities and malfunctions of a shoe appear, or at least can be foreseen. First shoe on the test bench: The new Lakai MJ-5.
-Clemens Dyckmans
C: The stickiness of the whole sole is great. The soft rubber quality combined with a thin lined herringbone pattern provides excellent grip. The sole pattern could be deeper though to add durability, but the flick and parada men adhesion of the Mj-5 set them apart from most other models on the market right now. Something new is that even the midsole has a herringbone pattern that is not just very shallow like on comparable models, which causes additional traction. The pattern is actually so deep that it is still visible after the complete five hours.
Clemens: Fit true to size.
Lester: Fit true to size.


C: A problem that appeared is that the midsole, which is wrapped around the outsole, came apart where the two sole parts are combined. It happened just on one shoe. It was annoying that while pushing, dirt and small stones got stuck in there. A reason might be that the tested shoes where still just samples. According to Kelly Bird, brand manager of Lakai, the final release will be a lot sturdier.
The MJ-5 doesn’t offer any lace protection. The laces ripped through at the top after the five hours. This happens to most shoes prada sneakers & prada shoes that don’t offer any lace protection, though.
The SLAP messageboards are filled with shoe-obsessed skaters from the world over, with some of the most knowledgeable and hardcore collectors, users, and examiners talking daily about what they’re wearing, liking, and hating. Need an example? How about this 157 page and growing thread simply about the shoes people are wearing? We at SLAP decided to put two of those gentleman- Lester Legarda (aka Bubblegum Tate) and Clemens Dyckmans (aka Weartested)- in charge of an on-going shoe blog on the editorial portion of the site…
Lester is a 23-year-old skater from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Clemens is a 22-year-old skater from Germany who studies industrial engineering and runs the Weartested wesbite with long-term shoe wear tests. They’ll be doing reviews of new kicks by way of single-day sessions- what they’re calling “One Day With…” reviews. First up for review is the Prada sneakers MJ-5 model. Here’s what they have to say…Since the rubber of the sole is very shoe soft, the shoe offers great grip prada sneakers for women but on the other hand the sole wears down fast. Additionally the midsole is very thin, so there’s not that much material to be worn down. A thicker layer could improve the lifespan of the shoe.
The upper material seems to last quite some time. The new “Lakaitning” sole construction is definitely intended to offer the grip of a vulcanized sole while having the cushion and comfort of a cupsole, but not the lifespan of it.

-Mark Whiteley

L: I had similar problems with the sole peeling but I’m sure it’s because its just a sample. I men sneakers continued to skate the shoe after the one day test, and the shoe lasted fairly long- I tend to rip shoes within a week, but this pair lasted a good two weeks before I deemed it dead. The durability of this shoe was quite good.

C: The breathability of the MJ-5 is prada men shoes quite good. The inner site of the model has a big perforated panel that allows air exchange. Additionally the toebox is perforated as well and the thin tongue is made out of a roughly structured mesh material that offers great breathability in the key area of the instep. All in all the Lakai MJ-5 offers more air and moisture exchange than most other models on the market.

L: Agreed. As well, the toe cap has perforated holes which add additional breathability.

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Gucci Mark Ong, probably under the label sneaker customizer Gucci sneakers(Sabotage) are known, produced since 2003, probably with the wildest in the sneaker scene. With the now global releases and Shoes awards prada gucci womens sneakers, he has a good reputation. Distributors are also currently überRoyalefam the masses a part of his work. Indiviualarbeiten, however, gucci shoes are still his business, and for the client Rohit Ambekar. The thought is probably why the Sneakers Lamborghini not even equal the matching pair AM1 have?

The result is a very successful model, with quilting stitch toe-cap, carbon fiber side lot gucci mens sneakers and gun-metal plates. The whole thing for “footling” 800, – USD, edition 1 of 1 Sneakers!



Not often succeed in the balancing act between old and new. How can traditional forms of basketball gucci sneakers 80er/frühen late 90s tribute and simultaneously with a high-end production from the masses with minimalist “Italo-American” details to Tech? Gray Lucci, Greg Johnson and Jon prada sneakers Buscemi gourmet did so, not least because of their long, shared dolce gabbana sneakers experience with adidas brand, Zoo York, Supreme, Stussy, etc. The forms are clear with concise details – this gives the shoes their uniqueness. Here is a preview of the current collection, currently in Germany are not yet available, overseas or at CT


Behold this quintuplet of Terror King sneaks by PUMA! If you love your Japanese monster movies from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, you’ll probably be all over these like blood and guts on arborio rice. Each monster has a signature shoe (which is nice), and helpfully, their particular ‘skills’ are listed underneath the tongue for easy reference. Like the awesome Macaroni Penguins from earlier this year, the attention to detail on these Pumas is brilliant. There’s reptile spikes, fuzzy eyebrows, pony fur, industrial rivets, dragon skin, crazy eyeballs… everywhere you Look these things have had a lot of work. They’re so over the top even Liberace would be astounded. As seen in ISSUE 14 of Sneaker Freaker.



As always, Jordan Brand keeps it fresh with some sick player exclusives.  This time, its for one of their two Major League Baseball sponsored athletes Andruw Jones of the Atlanta Braves, the other being CC Sabathia who almost took his Brewers to the World Series.  The Player Exclusive cleats for Jones are designed in the Air Jordan III, with spikes on the bottom instead of a bunch of rubber.  The cleats feature all the Air Jordan III features, with the elephant print around the lower, a blue patent leather strip that goes until you get th ethe rest of the upper which looks like it features some black seude and nubuck with some red leather around the laces and the heel.  The cleats also feature a glove patch on the top of the tongue and the side of the heel.  The back of the shoe features the usual rubber tab in red with the Jumpan logo (not the ultra-classic Nike Air logo seen in the 90s.   The shoe is topped off with some glittery blue, patent leather around the ankle and heel on the top of the upper.  The whole shoe is in the braves colors.  Clearly the style would be envied by any Braves fan or Jordanhead.

As usual, Jordan Brank keeps the love rolling out for their sponsored athletes.  They keep pumping out the heat to keep the Jordan Brand, and Michael’s legacy alive and well.  The only pair available right now is a game worn pair signed by the man from 2007.  Unfortunately, these will not make it to your retail shelves, but as usual you can always pick them up on ebay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Player Exclusive – Andruw Jones Comme toujours, la Jordanie, il conserve de marque avec des frais de maladie joueur exclusives. Cette fois-ci, pour un son de leurs deux Major League Baseball parrainé athlètes Andruw Jones des Braves d’Atlanta, l’autre étant CC Sabathia qui a pris près de son Brewers à la Série mondiale. Le joueur exclusive de Jones tasseaux sont conçus dans la Air Jordan III, avec des pointes sur le fond au lieu d’une bande de caoutchouc. Les tasseaux disposent de tous les Air Jordan III fonctionnalités, avec l’éléphant d’impression autour de la partie inférieure, un cuir verni bleu bande qui va jusqu’à ce que vous e ETHE reste de la partie supérieure qui ressemble à certaines fonctionnalités il seude noir et nubuck certaines avec cuir rouge autour de la dentelles et le talon. Les tasseaux sont également dotées d’un gant de patch sur le haut de la langue et le côté du talon. L’arrière de la chaussure caractéristiques habituelles onglet en caoutchouc rouge avec le logo Jumpan (pas les ultra-classique logo Nike Air vu dans les années 90. La chaussure est complété avec quelques glittery bleu, en cuir verni autour de la cheville et du talon sur le dessus de la partie supérieure. L’ensemble de la chaussure est en braves couleurs. Il est clair que le style serait enviée par tout fan ou Braves Jordanhead. Comme d’habitude, de la Jordanie Brank garde l’amour pour le déploiement de leurs athlètes parrainés. Ils ne cessent de pompage de la chaleur pour maintenir la Jordanie Brand, et Michaela s héritage vivant et se porte bien. La seule paire disponible dès maintenant est un jeu porté paire signé par l’homme à partir de 2007. Malheureusement, ces s’engage à ne pas faire à votre rayon, mais comme d’habitude, vous pouvez toujours venir les chercher sur eBay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Player Exclusive – Andruw Jones Wie immer, Jordanien Brand hält sie frisch mit einigen Kranken-Player exclusive. Dieses Mal, seine für ein von ihr zwei Major League Baseball gesponserten Sportler Andruw Jones von der Atlanta Braves, die anderen als CC Sabathia, die fast nahm seine Brauereien auf die World Series. Der Spieler Exklusive Cleats für Jones sind in der Air Jordan III, mit Spikes auf dem Boden statt einen Haufen von Gummi. Die Cleats Funktion alle Air Jordan III Features, mit dem Elefanten drucken rund um die untere, ein blaues Lackleder Streifen, der bis Sie th ethe Rest der oberen, die aussieht wie es einige Funktionen schwarz seude und Nubuk mit einigen roten Leder rund um die Schnürsenkel und der Ferse. Die Cleats auch mit einem Handschuh Patch auf der Oberseite der Zunge und der Seite der Ferse. Die Rückseite des Schuhs mit dem üblichen Gummi-Registerkarte in rot mit dem Jumpan-Logo (nicht die ultra-Klassiker Nike Air-Logo gesehen in den 90er Jahren. Der Schuh ist gekrönt mit einigen glittery blau, Lackleder rund um die Knöchel und Ferse auf der Oberseite der oberen. Der gesamte Schuh ist in der Braves Farben. ist offensichtlich, dass der Stil wäre beneidet von jedem Braves-Fan oder Jordanhead. Wie üblich, Jordanien Brank hält die Liebe der Einführung von für ihre gesponserten Sportler. Sie halten das Pumpen aus der Hitze, die Jordanien Brand, und Michaela  s Erbe lebendig und gut. Die einzige Paar verfügbar jetzt ist ein Spiel getragen Paar unterzeichnet von dem Mann von 2007. Leider sind diese nicht machen Sie ihn zu Ihren Einzelhandel Regalen, aber wie üblich können Sie jederzeit holen sie auf ebay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Giocatore Exclusive – Andruw Jones Come al solito, la Giordania Marca mantiene fresco con alcuni malati giocatore esclusive. Questa volta, la sua per uno dei loro due Major League Baseball atleti sponsorizzati Andruw Jones di Atlanta Braves, l’altro è la CC Sabathia che quasi ha preso la sua birra alla World Series. Il giocatore in esclusiva per i tacchetti Jones sono progettati in Air Jordan III, con picchi in basso invece di un mucchio di gomma. La funzione di tutti i tacchetti Air Jordan III funzioni, con l’elefante stampa intorno al basso, uno blu striscia di vernice che va fino ad arrivare ° ETHE resto del superiore che assomiglia alcune caratteristiche seude nero e nubuck con una certa pelle rossa intorno al merletti e del tallone. I tacchetti anche un guanto di patch sulla parte superiore della lingua e il lato del tallone. La parte posteriore della scarpa caratteristiche la solita scheda di gomma in rosso con il logo Jumpan (non l’ultra-classico logo Nike Air visto negli anni’90. La scarpa è coronata con alcuni glittery blu, vernice intorno alla caviglia e tacco in cima della parte superiore. L’intera scarpa è in Braves colori. Chiaramente lo stile sarà invidiata da qualsiasi Braves ventilatore o Jordanhead. Come di consueto, la Giordania Brank mantiene l’amore di laminazione per i loro atleti sponsorizzati. Essi mantenere il pompaggio di calore per mantenere la Giordania Marca, e Michaela  s eredità vivo e vegeto. L’unica coppia disponibile fin d’ora è un gioco indossati coppia firmato da uomo a partire dal 2007. Purtroppo, questi non fare al tuo scaffali di vendita al dettaglio, ma come al solito si può scegliere fino loro su eBay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Player Eksklusiv – Andruw Jones Som altid, Jordan Brand holder den frisk med nogle syge spilleren ikke finder. Denne gang sin for en af deres to Major League Baseball sponsorerede atleter Andruw Jones i Atlanta braves, idet den anden CC Sabathia, der næsten tog hans Bryggerierne til World Series. Spilleren Eksklusiv klamper til Jones er udformet i Air Jordan III, med pigge i bunden i stedet for et bundt af gummi. De klamper funktion alle Air Jordan III funktioner, med elefant print omkring den nederste, en blå patent læder strimler, der går, indtil du får th ethe resten af den øverste, der ligner det optræder nogle sorte seude og Nubuck med nogle røde læder omkring snørebånd og hæl. De klamper har også en handske plaster på toppen af tungen og den side af hælen. Bagsiden af sko træk den sædvanlige gummi fane i rød med Jumpan logo (ikke den ultra-klassiske Nike Air logo ses i 90’erne. Skomarkedet er kronet med nogle glittery blå, patent læder omkring anklen og hæl på toppen af den øverste. Hele sko er i braves farver. tydeligvis den stil ville være misundelsesværdige ved enhver braves fan eller Jordanhead. Som sædvanlig, Jordan Brank holder kærligheden rullende ud for deres sponsoreret sportsfolk. De holder de pumper varmen til at holde Jordan Brand, og Michaela  s arv lever og har det godt. Den eneste par rådighed lige nu er et spil båret par underskrevet af manden fra 2007. Desværre er disse ikke vil gøre det til din detail hylder, men som sædvanlig kan du altid hente dem på ebay.

Air Jordánsko III (3) – Player Exclusive – Andruw Jones Jako vždy, Jordánsko Brand a udržuje ji s čerstvým některé nemocné hráče exclusives. Tento čas pro její jeden z jejich dvou Major League Baseball sponzorované sportovce Andruw Jones z Atlanta Braves, druhá je CC Sabathia, kteří téměř vzal pivovarů na World Series. Hráč Exkluzivně pro mužstvo Jones jsou navrženy v Jordánsku Air III, s hroty na dně místo partou z gumy. Tato vlastnost mužstvo veškerý vzduch Jordán III funkce, s slon tisknout kolem nižší, modré patent kožené pásky, že půjde, dokud nedosáhnete století ethe odpočinek v horní části, která vypadá, že některé vlastnosti černé seude a Celokožený nubuk s některými červená kůže v okolí tkaničky a patu. Na mužstvo také funkci ulité náplast na horní části jazyka a na straně paty. V zadní části obuvi funkce obvyklé pryže v červené kartě s Jumpan logo (ne ultra-classic Nike Air logo viděli v 90. letech. Bota je na špici se s některými třpytivý modrá, lakovaná kůže kolem kotníku a paty na vrcholu v horní části. Celá bota je v Braves barev. zřejmé, že styl by záviděl jakýmkoli Braves ventilátor nebo Jordanhead. Jako obvykle, Jordánsko Brank drží láska kolejových pro jejich sponzorované sportovce. Stále vyčerpávání teplo udržet Jordánsko Brand, a Michaela  s odkazem živý a dobře. Jediná dvojice je k dispozici právě teď je hra opotřebované dvojici, která byla podepsána muž od roku 2007. Bohužel, tyto nebudou to, aby vaše maloobchodní regály, ale jako obvykle se vždy můžete vyzvednout u nich na eBay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Speler Exclusive – Andruw Jones Zoals altijd, Jordanië Brand en houdt dit vers met enkele zieke speler exclusives. Dit keer zijn voor een van hun twee Major League Baseball gesponsorde atleten Andruw Jones van de Atlanta Braves, het andere is CC Sabathia die bijna nam zijn Brewers naar de World Series. De speler Exclusieve spikes voor Jones zijn ontworpen in de Air Jordan III, met spikes op de onderste plaats van een stelletje rubber. De spikes functie alle Air Jordan III kenmerken, met de olifant print rond de onder-, een blauwe laklederen band die verder gaat tot je e ETHE rest van de bovenste die eruit ziet alsof hij kent een aantal zwarte seude en nubuck met enkele rode lederen rond de veters en de hiel. De spikes ook een handschoen pleister op de bovenkant van de tong en de zijkant van de hiel. De achterzijde van de schoen kenmerken van de gebruikelijke rubber tabblad in het rood met het logo Jumpan (niet de ultra-klassieke Nike Air logo gezien in de jaren’90. De schoen is bekroond met enkele glittery blauw, lakleder rond de enkel en hiel op de top van het bovenbeen. De hele schoen is in de braves kleuren. Duidelijk is dat de stijl jaloers op zou worden door een ventilator of Jordanhead Braves. Zoals gebruikelijk, Jordanië Brank houdt de liefde voor de uitrol van hun gesponsorde atleten. Ze blijven pompen uit het vuur te houden Jordanië Brand, en Michaela  s erfenis springlevend. De enige beschikbare pair nu een spel is versleten paar ondertekend door de mens uit 2007. Helaas, deze zal niet aan uw retail rekken, maar zoals gewoonlijk kunt u altijd pick-up op eBay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Player Exclusive – Andruw Jones Kuten aina, Jordania Brand pitää tuoreen joidenkin sairaan-soitin erikoistarjouksista. Tällä kertaa sen yhden kaksi Major League Baseball sponsoroituja urheilijoita Andruw Jones ja Atlantan Braves, ja toinen on CC Sabathia joka melkein vei hänen panimoita World Series. Pelaaja Exclusive kiinnittimiä varten Jones on suunniteltu Air Jordan III, piikkarit pohjassa sijasta joukko kumia. The kiinnittimiä ominaisuus kaikki Air Jordan III ominaisuuksia, joiden norsu tulostaa ympäri pienempi, sininen kiiltonahka kaistale, joka menee kunnes saat th ESen muun ylemmän joka näyttää siltä kuin se hieman musta seude ja nubuck joidenkin punainen nahka ympäri nauhoja ja kantapää. The kiinnittimiä myös ominaisuus valettu laastari päällä kieli ja puoli kantapään. Takaosassa kengän ominaisuuksia tavanomaisten kumi-välilehti punainen kanssa Jumpan logo (ei ultra-klassikko Nike Air logo näkyy 90-luvulla. Jalkinemarkkinat on kruunasi joidenkin glittery sininen, kiiltonahka noin nilkan ja kantapään päällä on ylempi. Koko kenkä on sen Braves värejä. selvää, että tyyli olisi kadehtii millään Braves tuuletin tai Jordanhead. Kuten tavallista, Jordania Brank pitää rakastaa rakentamalla niiden sponsoroituja urheilijoita. Ne pitää pumppaaminen lämmön pitää Jordan Brand, ja Michaela  s perintö elää ja voi hyvin. Ainoa pari saatavilla juuri nyt on peli kulunut pari allekirjoittanut mies vuodesta 2007 alkaen. Valitettavasti tämä ei tee sitä teidän vähittäiskaupan hyllyillä, mutta kuten tavallista voit aina valita niitä eBay: ssä.

Air Jordan III (3) – Jogador Exclusivo – Andruw Jones Como de costume, na Jordânia Brand a mantém fresca com alguns doentes jogador exclusivas. Desta vez, os seus dois para um de seus atletas patrocinados Major League Baseball Andruw Jones dos Atlanta Braves, sendo os restantes CC Sabathia, que quase pegou na sua Cervejeiras para a World Series. O Jogador Exclusivo para cunhas Jones são projetados no Ar Jordânia III, com picos no fundo, em vez de um bando de borracha. O recurso chuteiras todas as funcionalidades Air Jordan III, com o elefante imprimir em torno do menor, uma tira de couro azul patente que vai até você chegar ª EO resto da parte superior do que se parece com ele algumas características seude preto e vermelho de couro nubuck com cerca ao redor do crochês e do calcanhar. As chuteiras também possuem uma luva no topo do remendo da língua e ao lado do calcanhar. A volta do sapato de borracha guia apresenta os habituais em vermelho com o logotipo Jumpan (não é o ultra-clássico logotipo da Nike Air visto na década de 90. O sapato é coroado com alguns glittery azul, couro envernizado em torno do tornozelo e do calcanhar sobre o início da parte superior. Todo o calçado é do braves cores. Obviamente que o estilo seria invejada por qualquer fã ou Jordanhead Braves. Como de costume, na Jordânia Brank mantém o amor a implantar-se para os seus atletas patrocinados. Eles mantêm o calor fora de bombeamento para manter a Jordânia Brand, e Michaela s legado vivo e bem. O único par disponível neste momento é um jogo usado par assinado pelo homem a partir de 2007. Infelizmente, estes não irá fazer com que a sua revenda prateleiras, como de costume, mas você pode semper buscá-las em ebay.

Aer Iordania III (3) – Player Exclusiv – Andruw Jones Ca întotdeauna, Iordania de marcã ºi o pãstreazã în stare proaspãtã, cu unele bolnav exclusives player. Acest timp, pentru unul din ei lor de douã mari sportivi League Baseball sponsorizate Andruw Jones de la Atlanta Braves, celelalte fiind SC Sabathia care aproape a luat Berarii de la World Series. The Player exclusiv pentru crampoanele Jones sunt proiectate în aer în Iordania III, cu spikes pe jos în loc de o adunãturã de cauciuc. Facilitate de crampoanele toate Air Jordan III, caracteristici, cu elefant de imprimare mai mici în jurul, un brevet de piele bandã albastrã care merge pânã când nu te-a ethe restul de sus, care pare ca unele caracteristici seude negru ºi roºu, cu unele nubuck de piele în jurul laces ºi toc. De crampoanele de asemenea, caracteristica unei mãnuºi de patch-uri de pe partea de sus a limbii ºi din partea lateralã a cãlcâiului. Partea din spate a pantof de caracteristici de obicei în fila de cauciuc de culoare roºie, cu logo-ul de Jumpan (nu de ultra-clasic Nike Air logo-ul vãzut în anii’90. Topped este de pantof de pe unele strãlucitoare, cu albastru, brevet de piele în jurul gleznei ºi toc de pe partea superioarã de sus. întreg de pantof este în braves culori. În mod evident ar fi de stil envied de Braves orice fan sau Jordanhead. Ca de obicei, Iordania Brank şine de rulare pentru dragostea lor sponsorizate de sportivi. Ei pãstreazã pompare de cãldurã pentru a menşine în Iordania de brand, ºi Michaela € ™ s moºtenire în viaşã ºi de bine. Singura pereche disponibil acum este un joc purtat pereche semnat de cãtre om de la 2007. Din pãcate, acestea nu vor face sã vã cu amãnuntul, rafturi, dar ca de obicei, puteşi întotdeauna sã alegeşi-le pe Ebay.

Aire Jordania III (3) – Reproductor de Exclusive – Andruw Jones Como siempre, la marca Jordania mantiene fresco con algunos enfermos jugador exclusivas. Esta vez, su para uno de sus dos Major League Baseball patrocinado atletas Andruw Jones de los Bravos de Atlanta, el otro es CC Sabathia, que casi llevó a su Cerveceros a la Serie Mundial. El jugador fiadores exclusiva para Jones están diseñados en el aire Jordania III, con picos en la parte inferior en lugar de un montón de caucho. La característica de todos los fiadores del Aire III Jordania características, con el elefante de impresión en torno a la inferior, azul patente una tira de cuero que va hasta llegar ª ETHE resto de la parte superior que parece que algunas características seude negro y Nubuck con cuero rojo en todo el cordones y el talón. Las grapas también una característica de guante parche en la parte superior de la lengua y la parte del talón. La parte trasera del zapato características habituales de la ficha de caucho en color rojo con el logotipo de Jumpan (no el ultra-clásico logotipo de Nike Aire visto en la década de los 90. El zapato está rematada con algunas glittery azul, patente de cuero alrededor del tobillo y del talón en la parte superior de la parte superior. Todo el zapato es en el Bravos de colores. Es evidente que el estilo sería la envidia de cualquier fan de los Bravos o Jordanhead. Como de costumbre, Jordania Brank mantiene el amor de rodadura para los atletas de su patrocinado. Se mantendrá el bombeo de calor para mantener la marca de Jordania, y Michaela  s legado vivo y bien. El único par disponible en estos momentos es un juego usado par firmada por el hombre a partir de 2007. Desafortunadamente, estos no hacen a su venta al por menor estantes, como de costumbre, pero siempre puedes recogerlos en eBay.

Air Jordan III (3) – Player Exclusive – Andruw Jones Som alltid, Jordanien Brand håller den färsk med vissa sjuk-spelare exklusiviteter. Den här gången, dess för ett av sina två Major League Baseball sponsrade idrottare Andruw Jones i Atlanta Braves, den andra är CC Sabathia som nästan tog hans Bryggeriet till World Series. Spelaren Exklusiv bommar för Jones är utformade i Air Jordan III, med toppar på botten i stället för en massa gummi. De bommar har alla Air Jordan III funktioner, med elefant-print runt lägre, en blå lackläder band som går tills du får: e ethe resten av den övre som ser ut som det ingår några svarta seude och nubuck med några röda läder runt spetsar och hälen. De bommar även en handske plåster på ovansidan av tungan och på sidan av hälen. Baksidan av skon funktioner de vanliga gummi fliken i rött med Jumpan logotyp (inte de mest klassiska Nike Air logotyp sett under 90-talet. Skor är toppas av med lite glittery blå, lackläder runt ankeln och hälen på toppen av den övre. Hela skon är i braves färger. uppenbart stil skulle vara med avund på något Braves fläkt eller Jordanhead. Som vanligt, Jordanien Brank håller älskar rulla ut för sina sponsrade idrottsmän. De håller pumpa ut värmen att hålla Jordanien Brand, och Michaela € ™ s arv lever och frodas. Det enda paret tillgängliga just nu är ett spel som bärs par undertecknad av mannen från 2007. Tyvärr har dessa inte kommer att lämna den till din återförsäljare hyllorna, men som vanligt kan du alltid hämta dem på eBay.